Dear baby (week 18)

It’s a little surreal that we’re almost half way to meeting you, it seems like we are still wrapping our heads around the fact that you are coming.

You love doing flips- I’m pretty sure you will want to be an acrobat once you’re here. When we lay down at night, you seem to find your best time to shine. Your dad and I get a huge kick out of feeling how hard my belly gets in the spots where you are closest to the skin. I really think feeling you, like that, makes this all more real for him which I absolutely love.

In two weeks we’ll get to find out if you’re a boy or a girl- we are so excited! We spend a lot of time thinking about what we’d like to name you. Giving a person their name is a pretty daunting task! I hope we come up with something you will be proud of at every stage in your life.

Your grandparents are all so excited for you to come, I think they would speed up time if they could! We’re excited, too but also really enjoying this sweet quiet time before you get here- time cuddling at night and talking about all of our hopes of who you  might be and the parents we will be to you. Time thinking about the name we’d like to give you and how it might help shape your future. And, most of all, a lot of time marveling at this strange miracle happening inside me every day and feeling overwhelmed by all of the possibility you bring with you.

I hope you feel loved already. You most certainly are. I find that instead of talking to myself (an old habit I’ve never been able to break), I talk to you all of the time. It’s fun and exciting to know you can hear me and hopefully hear all of the love we have for you as we move throughout each day.




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