Blogging through Biscuits- Dinner Edition

We had family over for dinner Sunday night- I wanted to make something homey and comforting. Winter is never my favorite time. By mid-January, I’m incredibly ready to be laying in the sun on a warm beach with delightful citrus beverage of the adult variety in my hand. But, instead, I’m in a land of cold days and even cooler nights. It makes me absolutely crave comfort in a dish; warm breads, stews, piping hot cookies and cakes. I try to not indulge too much, these are the things that lead to a girl becoming round. However, in this particularly frigid winter, I caved.

My current fixation with biscuits collided with my love for comfort food led me straight to one of my favorite blogs, Joy the Baker. She never fails me and seems like she could be a bff if we had ever met (instead of me just following and loving her on the internet). Enter the dish my comfort food dreams are made of… Chicken Pot Pie with Cream Cheese and Chive Biscuits. It’s part pot pie, part biscuits, part dumplings and all delightful.


In a bizarre twist, my store didn’t have chives so I subbed in green onions on the biscuits. They. Are. Amazing. Why haven’t I ever thought to use cream cheese as the fat in baked goods?! I love it so. The biscuits turned out incredible: biscuit-y and rich on top, dumpling-y in the sauce. I want to eat these every time I’m cold or sad or any combination of both. Make them, love them, email Joy the Baker to tell her how delicious they are.


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One thought on “Blogging through Biscuits- Dinner Edition

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