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Dear Charlie (week 23)

We’re just one week away from the 6 month mark- I can’t believe how far we’ve come!

Your dad and I are working hard to start getting things ready for you. Right now, that means making decisions about your nursery, starting to collect diapers and getting signed up for classes we might need. We have our childbirth class all scheduled for a Saturday in April- it will be here before we know it!

I’m being super picky about your nursery, probably more than I ever have been about any other room I’ve been in charge of decorating. The nice thing is that it is also forcing me to start making some decisions about paint color around the house, too. Thanks for that! :) Your crib and dresser have been ordered and we are just waiting for them to get here. It’s going to be so much fun to create the space you’ll live in, I can hardly handle the wait.

Last week was hard for me with hormones, I’m not totally sure why. It seems like I go through occasional hormone spikes that throw me off balance- whether with morning sickness in the first trimester or, more recently, becoming emotional in ways I haven’t ever been. In those moments, I have been so grateful for your dad. No matter how weird and unreasonable I am, he is right there loving both of us. He is so excited for you to get here, I can’t help but snap out of my funk to join him in the joy.

Last Saturday, I was having a particularly hard day. No reason at all. In fact, it was completely unreasonable- it was gorgeous outside and your grandparents and aunties were here- all of my favorite things! But, I just couldn’t pull it together so I sent everyone to a movie then came home to hang out for a while and try to be better. It was like you, somehow, knew that I needed you. I laid in bed to watch t.v. and there you and our doggie were, both so close and making your presence known. He was cuddled as close as I would let him get and being the sweetest dog ever. You were kicking me from the other side of my belly button- reminding me that you are there and how much I already love you.

It’s funny how proud of you I already am- so proud of how healthy you are growing, how strong you are getting, the funny little things you do that show some personality. You love to kick me like crazy and then freeze as soon as anyone tries to feel you moving. You respond to your dad’s voice and seem to get all wound up by him just like I do with my dad.

Every night, before I go to sleep, we tell you that we love you. Your dad puts his face right against my belly to say “Good night, baby girl! I love you!” And oh, sweetheart, how we do.

We love you, baby girl!




Favorite Finds

It appears that, for me, pregnancy isn’t marked by cravings so much as obsessions. I’ve gone from one fixation to another as far as good goes: pancakes, biscuits, all things citrus and, most recently, vanilla bean ice cream. I just want to find the most perfect version of each thing and, once I have, I’m ready to move on. All of that obsessing can’t go to waste, though! It needs to be shared. And so, here it begins. My favorite finds.

  • Pancakes- Orange Pancakes with Berry-Orange Sauce from Iowa Girl Eats. These. Every Saturday. They are all of the things I’ve ever wanted pancakes to be.
  • Biscuits- I’m still working. But I’m pretty sure it’s the biscuit/dumplings on this recipe.
  • Citrus- All of it. Everything citrus I’ve consumed this winter has been an absolute delight. Especially the blood oranges!
  • Vanilla bean ice cream, this guy:

vanilla bean (2)

It is divine. Delicious. Delightful. Everything I really wanted my vanilla ice cream to be. Eat it, love it. <3


Dear Charlie (week 22)

Hi there, you crazy girl. You are moving all of the time these days! Every night, before I go to sleep, your dad puts his head on my belly to hear you moving around. In the last week, you’ve started noticing the pressure he puts there- you come over to kick him almost every time and he LOVES it!

Your wonderful Grandi was here last weekend, we had so much fun looking at things for your room and finding clothes for you to wear. You are going to be the best dressed little girl when you get here. While we were out shopping, Dad picked out these adorable little tank top onesies for you. He is hilariously in love with them and sometimes rocks the little outfits like you’re in there while he tells me how much he’s going to love you, especially in those. I melt every single time.

Starting to collect things for you and feeling you move like this, it’s making us so excited for you to get here! 17 weeks to go, it feels forever but I know it’s going to go fast.

As much as I love seeing your dad get so excited, I think my favorite things right now are the little things between you and me. The way you hate my seatbelt so you kick it while I drive to work every morning. The funny strong little hits I feel just before I go to sleep at night. The way you kick Quincy as hard as you can if he tries to lay on my belly at all. He always looks so worried and it makes me laugh so hard. It’s like you’re telling him “hey! this is my house and my mom! get off!” You are going to love our little dog that looks like a teddy bear. I hope he adjusts to you coming ok.

I’ve started reading to you for fun- I’m not sure if you like it or not but I always enjoy the time reading out loud and thinking about how you can hear my voice and can hopefully feel the love it is full of for you.

As always, we love you and can’t wait to see and hold you soon!



Morning Time


Every morning, when I first wake up, I think the same few things:

  • no thanks, morning. no thanks. let’s just stay here for a little bit longer
  • i love my bed
  • everyone in this bed is adorable and cuddly, i’ll just stay here
  • i’m so grateful to wake up next to this man every day. what a fantastic life.
  • i wonder if baby will love morning snuggles as much as i do?
  • alright today, i guess. let’s do this.

I am so grateful for a few minutes to wake up, snuggles from Q and Tim while I do that, a home that we love… so many things. I sometimes think that the pieces of life that are most amazing are the little daily routines- the moment when you realize how wonderful the basic parts of every day are, the parts where we get to love people around us and are loved by them in return. The parts where we have hopes for a bright future, knowing that it will be full of little moments that are wonderful and big moments that are breathtaking.

I’m not a morning person but I think I’m slowly coming around to enjoying it.

Dear Charlie (week 21)

baby girl

We got to see you last week! I had no idea how much seeing you would mean to me or your dad. The minute we saw your little body and how active you are, your dad was completely smitten. We were so excited to find out you are a girl! And I tell you what, little one, you already have your dad wrapped around your little finger. Every night, just as I’m about to fall asleep, he has to yank down the blankets to put his ear on my belly so he can hear you swimming around. And, of course, he has to tell you goodnight and how much he loves you. It is my favorite evening routine.

The ultrasound was incredible, I didn’t know how much I would love doing that. I was so nervous walking into the room. I was terrified I wouldn’t really understand what we were looking at or that something might be wrong or unclear. But from the moment the tech put you up on the screen, we could see all of your beautiful little parts- your sweet profile, your arms and legs, every part of your long spine. I couldn’t help it, that first sight of you made me cry and the rest of the appointment included a steady trickle of the happiest tears I’ve ever had.

You are healthy, you are growing and we already think you are the best little girl the world has ever known (or, in your case, is yet to know). I’ve been telling your dad for weeks that you are a crazy-pants in there and he didn’t quite believe me until he got to see you dancing around!

I think one of my favorite parts of the ultrasound was seeing your little hands and feet. We got to see the most beautiful picture of your feet, perfect and pushing on me with all your might. Your hands, though, were constantly in a fist. For the full hour of the ultrasound, you kept them fisted and used them to punch around you or hold your little face. It was so hilarious and full of personality, even this early on. We just laughed and said “yep, she’s ours.”

We are so excited to meet you, I’m daily torn between wanting this time to last so we can get everything ready for you to come and just wishing that it was June and you were here already.

We love you!