Dear Charlie (week 21)

baby girl

We got to see you last week! I had no idea how much seeing you would mean to me or your dad. The minute we saw your little body and how active you are, your dad was completely smitten. We were so excited to find out you are a girl! And I tell you what, little one, you already have your dad wrapped around your little finger. Every night, just as I’m about to fall asleep, he has to yank down the blankets to put his ear on my belly so he can hear you swimming around. And, of course, he has to tell you goodnight and how much he loves you. It is my favorite evening routine.

The ultrasound was incredible, I didn’t know how much I would love doing that. I was so nervous walking into the room. I was terrified I wouldn’t really understand what we were looking at or that something might be wrong or unclear. But from the moment the tech put you up on the screen, we could see all of your beautiful little parts- your sweet profile, your arms and legs, every part of your long spine. I couldn’t help it, that first sight of you made me cry and the rest of the appointment included a steady trickle of the happiest tears I’ve ever had.

You are healthy, you are growing and we already think you are the best little girl the world has ever known (or, in your case, is yet to know). I’ve been telling your dad for weeks that you are a crazy-pants in there and he didn’t quite believe me until he got to see you dancing around!

I think one of my favorite parts of the ultrasound was seeing your little hands and feet. We got to see the most beautiful picture of your feet, perfect and pushing on me with all your might. Your hands, though, were constantly in a fist. For the full hour of the ultrasound, you kept them fisted and used them to punch around you or hold your little face. It was so hilarious and full of personality, even this early on. We just laughed and said “yep, she’s ours.”

We are so excited to meet you, I’m daily torn between wanting this time to last so we can get everything ready for you to come and just wishing that it was June and you were here already.

We love you!




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