Morning Time


Every morning, when I first wake up, I think the same few things:

  • no thanks, morning. no thanks. let’s just stay here for a little bit longer
  • i love my bed
  • everyone in this bed is adorable and cuddly, i’ll just stay here
  • i’m so grateful to wake up next to this man every day. what a fantastic life.
  • i wonder if baby will love morning snuggles as much as i do?
  • alright today, i guess. let’s do this.

I am so grateful for a few minutes to wake up, snuggles from Q and Tim while I do that, a home that we love… so many things. I sometimes think that the pieces of life that are most amazing are the little daily routines- the moment when you realize how wonderful the basic parts of every day are, the parts where we get to love people around us and are loved by them in return. The parts where we have hopes for a bright future, knowing that it will be full of little moments that are wonderful and big moments that are breathtaking.

I’m not a morning person but I think I’m slowly coming around to enjoying it.


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