Dear Charlie (week 22)

Hi there, you crazy girl. You are moving all of the time these days! Every night, before I go to sleep, your dad puts his head on my belly to hear you moving around. In the last week, you’ve started noticing the pressure he puts there- you come over to kick him almost every time and he LOVES it!

Your wonderful Grandi was here last weekend, we had so much fun looking at things for your room and finding clothes for you to wear. You are going to be the best dressed little girl when you get here. While we were out shopping, Dad picked out these adorable little tank top onesies for you. He is hilariously in love with them and sometimes rocks the little outfits like you’re in there while he tells me how much he’s going to love you, especially in those. I melt every single time.

Starting to collect things for you and feeling you move like this, it’s making us so excited for you to get here! 17 weeks to go, it feels forever but I know it’s going to go fast.

As much as I love seeing your dad get so excited, I think my favorite things right now are the little things between you and me. The way you hate my seatbelt so you kick it while I drive to work every morning. The funny strong little hits I feel just before I go to sleep at night. The way you kick Quincy as hard as you can if he tries to lay on my belly at all. He always looks so worried and it makes me laugh so hard. It’s like you’re telling him “hey! this is my house and my mom! get off!” You are going to love our little dog that looks like a teddy bear. I hope he adjusts to you coming ok.

I’ve started reading to you for fun- I’m not sure if you like it or not but I always enjoy the time reading out loud and thinking about how you can hear my voice and can hopefully feel the love it is full of for you.

As always, we love you and can’t wait to see and hold you soon!




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