Favorite Finds

It appears that, for me, pregnancy isn’t marked by cravings so much as obsessions. I’ve gone from one fixation to another as far as good goes: pancakes, biscuits, all things citrus and, most recently, vanilla bean ice cream. I just want to find the most perfect version of each thing and, once I have, I’m ready to move on. All of that obsessing can’t go to waste, though! It needs to be shared. And so, here it begins. My favorite finds.

  • Pancakes- Orange Pancakes with Berry-Orange Sauce from Iowa Girl Eats. These. Every Saturday. They are all of the things I’ve ever wanted pancakes to be.
  • Biscuits- I’m still working. But I’m pretty sure it’s the biscuit/dumplings on this recipe.
  • Citrus- All of it. Everything citrus I’ve consumed this winter has been an absolute delight. Especially the blood oranges!
  • Vanilla bean ice cream, this guy:

vanilla bean (2)

It is divine. Delicious. Delightful. Everything I really wanted my vanilla ice cream to be. Eat it, love it. <3



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