Dear Charlie (week 23)

We’re just one week away from the 6 month mark- I can’t believe how far we’ve come!

Your dad and I are working hard to start getting things ready for you. Right now, that means making decisions about your nursery, starting to collect diapers and getting signed up for classes we might need. We have our childbirth class all scheduled for a Saturday in April- it will be here before we know it!

I’m being super picky about your nursery, probably more than I ever have been about any other room I’ve been in charge of decorating. The nice thing is that it is also forcing me to start making some decisions about paint color around the house, too. Thanks for that! :) Your crib and dresser have been ordered and we are just waiting for them to get here. It’s going to be so much fun to create the space you’ll live in, I can hardly handle the wait.

Last week was hard for me with hormones, I’m not totally sure why. It seems like I go through occasional hormone spikes that throw me off balance- whether with morning sickness in the first trimester or, more recently, becoming emotional in ways I haven’t ever been. In those moments, I have been so grateful for your dad. No matter how weird and unreasonable I am, he is right there loving both of us. He is so excited for you to get here, I can’t help but snap out of my funk to join him in the joy.

Last Saturday, I was having a particularly hard day. No reason at all. In fact, it was completely unreasonable- it was gorgeous outside and your grandparents and aunties were here- all of my favorite things! But, I just couldn’t pull it together so I sent everyone to a movie then came home to hang out for a while and try to be better. It was like you, somehow, knew that I needed you. I laid in bed to watch t.v. and there you and our doggie were, both so close and making your presence known. He was cuddled as close as I would let him get and being the sweetest dog ever. You were kicking me from the other side of my belly button- reminding me that you are there and how much I already love you.

It’s funny how proud of you I already am- so proud of how healthy you are growing, how strong you are getting, the funny little things you do that show some personality. You love to kick me like crazy and then freeze as soon as anyone tries to feel you moving. You respond to your dad’s voice and seem to get all wound up by him just like I do with my dad.

Every night, before I go to sleep, we tell you that we love you. Your dad puts his face right against my belly to say “Good night, baby girl! I love you!” And oh, sweetheart, how we do.

We love you, baby girl!




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