Dear Charlotte (week 27)

Hi baby girl.

What a crazy couple of weeks we’ve had. It’s been my busiest time at work, our spring board meetings. That has meant a lot of time on my feet, a lot of time running around, and a ton of overtime. Just after that was over, I went on a quick trip with your Grandi and some friends- we had such a blast! I was joking with them that it was kind of a babymoon before you get here but with my mom instead of my husband. (Your dad, by the way, is awesome about those jokes and about not minding when I leave him for a weekend like that. He really is the best. We are both very lucky to have him.)

I’m starting to look very pregnant and it’s funny to see how people respond to that. I’ve gotten everything from kind offers to help me out to people trying to rub my tummy without asking to those funny things people love to say about pregnancy and just how big I’ve gotten.
The best part of my belly being this big is that it means you are getting big- over 2 pounds by now! And since you’re so big, I get to feel more that you are doing.

You continue to love 4:00 a.m. Grandi says that you will probably follow a similar schedule when you are born. I better learn an affection for that time, too!

You get the hiccups which is hilarious. It feels like you’re rhythmically bouncing around in there but running out of bouncing room.

Sometimes, when you’re going particularly crazy, I sing you funny little songs- “baby girl, in my belly, what are you doing in there? baby girl, in my belly, do you have any hair?” I didn’t say I’m a great writer. I just like songs and rhymes. Not as much as I like you, though!




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