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Link Love

I saw this on Tumblr today and absolutely loved it. It both struck my funny bone and is the actual scariest possible horror story. Or maybe a beginning to a really amazing spiritual story…. Either way, I loved it.

Looking forward to weekend- time with one of my sisters, some rest and house cleaning and, best of all, the first of Charlotte’s baby showers! I am SO excited. If we’re at shower time, she has to be getting close!

Things around the internet that I’ve loved this week:

Have a great weekend!



Dear Charlotte (week 32)

Hi, baby girl! 32 weeks and some odd days… that means just 7 weeks and a couple of days (hopefully) until we get to meet you! I know I keep saying this but we really can’t wait.

Your car seat and stroller came last week and we got them all put together. There are two things to know about this: 1) you, our unborn child, officially own the most complicated thing in our house. Your dad and I still aren’t entirely sure how to fold and unfold it with ease. We mostly think that, when it works right, it’s because of magic. 2) I breathed a huge sigh of relief once it was all put together- I’ve been secretly worrying about not having a car seat for you and how was I going to take you home if you came early?! I even had a dream a few weeks ago that you came early and I had to walk home with you. This would never happen but, apparently, it was something I was very concerned about. (I’m a weirdo, I know.)

You are getting bigger every day and, as a result, so am I! I lost sight of my feet last week, all I see now is my belly holding you.

You move around a lot and, for some unknown reason, seem to favor hanging out on the right side of my tummy. Enough, in fact, that it often looks crooked and a couple of my friends have noticed. We all think you’re hilarious with that!

I’m so glad you’re healthy and doing well in there. If you wanted to come a little early, say just after that 36 week mark, I wouldn’t mind at all! :) We’re just ready for you to be here, already!

As always, we love you. And can’t wait to meet you. Single digit weeks, little one!




Link Love

Harissa Eggs in Purgatory from Skinnytaste

Oh, how I love weekend. With baby girl’s arrival getting closer, I’m working hard on getting the house settled. I have these nightmares that she comes super early and I’m unprepared (this, by the way, is my constant nightmare- not having a plan or the plan I have falling apart because people didn’t listen. That says a lot about my personality…). So, to combat the nightmares, I’m going to put together the things I would need for her arrival- wash the onesies, start thinking about our hospital bag, etc. Yes, it’s 8 weeks early. I’ll just feel a lot better. :) Have a great weekend everyone! Links I’ve loved this week….



This has been all over the internet today- I’m sure everyone has seen it already but I just had to share, I love it so.

One of my greatest hopes in having a little girl is that I can raise her knowing how much more beauty is than what we women tell ourselves. That I can be careful to tell her about herself in ways that aren’t just about being cute/pretty (but isn’t that so hard with little girls?! they’re always so adorable and just begging to be told!). That I can talk to her about the things that make her beautiful as a whole- about her mind and her heart and just a tiny bit about how cute she is in that outfit.

We were talking the other night about the things we give kids compliments on and how that effects them. My parents did a really brilliant job, I think. I feel like I grew up with a strong sense of self and a healthy self esteem- they praised my accomplishments and attempts, allowed me to feel failure when I didn’t succeed and made sure to also speak to me about who I was at my core in the ways that can’t be changed. I love them for that. I hope I can do the same!

I love Dove for doing these campaigns. I’m always struck by how little we think of ourselves, especially when each person is beautiful in our own right. And especially as people who are created in the image of a God who is much bigger than us. Beauty is diverse and natural and so much more than a chin or nose.

<3 this.

Dinner Love


I have a confession. I love dinner. Not just like “yeah, eating is good and good food is awesome.” But I deeply, with a somewhat over the top passion, love food. Especially brunch and dinner. They are my two favorite meals of the day, the two meals I put the most planning and interest into. The recipes I pin, the blogs I follow, the cookbooks I read cover to cover.

The thing is, I didn’t used to be this way. There was a time in my life where I ate things because I liked them and was hungry and was a totally normal person about food. Then I got married and we started cooking because it was the grown up and responsible thing to do. And we watched a lot of PBS cooking shows (seriously, if you’re looking for somewhere to start, America’s Test Kitchen is the best cooking show out there and will turn you into a great cook). From there, it’s all gone downhill. My darling husband spent the last 4 years of our life cooking professionally. We figured out who the best cooks are and bought their cookbooks. We found ourselves saying “if I can make better at home, I’m not interested in eating it out.” We turned into food obsessive weirdos and I’ve never been able to explain it.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this beauty of a food blog- Dinner: A Love Story. Thanks to Jenny, all of the pieces started to come together. I love dinner because, to me and to so many others, what happens around the dinner table is family and friendship and love and culture. She recently did this great interview with Curtis Stone where he is quoted talking about his favorite foods and how, when asked what the best thing he’s ever eaten is, he always refers back to something his mother used to make. “Whether it’s chicken pot pie or meat loaf, the dishes we grew up eating, the ones made with love and shared around the dinner table, are the ones we seem to cherish most.”

This is the thing. The culture we want so deeply to build into this family we’re creating. When this baby I’m growing goes away to college, I want her to have fond memories of family time at the dinner table. I want her to call me and say “Mom, how do I make that bean stew you do?” When someone asks her what her favorite food is, I want her to say “My parents make…” and remember that we lovingly carved out time to cook for the family and eat together.

And, like Anthony Bourdain suggests in Medium Raw (which, by the way, is one of the best audiobooks I’ve ever listened to and is continually hilarious, endearing and dreamy if you’re food obsessed like we are), I want our little girl to leave our house with a few recipes under her belt. My hope and dream for her is that we raise her well- kind, gracious, strong, well rounded, educated, all of the usual things. But with one addition: a few recipes she knows by heart. A meal she can make for her friends, from start to finish, and be both confident and proud of.

I know life is going to get busier than we can ever imagine. But I hope we hold on to this dream and value. That, like the blog I recently found, dinner in our house can be a love story for our family. A nourishing time around the table in every way possible. In food, in family, in relationship and love for each other.

This is the accidental manifesto we’ve created so far. In the last almost 6 years of marriage, we have become a family who just really loves dinner.


Dear Charlotte (week 30)

Week 30. We’re getting so close to you being here! I’m slowly reaching that point that so many moms reach- ready for you to be an outside baby I can love and take care of! And not an inside baby that kicks me all night. :)

You are getting big and it’s definitely showing in pretty much every part of my life. I’m waddling as I walk around and recently discovered I can’t reach things on the top shelf in our kitchen. I used to be able to but now you keep me too far away to reach that high!

Your nursery is painted and looks absolutely gorgeous. Now your Dad and I just have to figure out where all of the furniture best fits in your room and start decorating! It’s so fun and surreal to see your room- it makes all of these changes and kicks that I feel every day so much more real. We have a little girl and she is coming soon- this room is proof!

I think you’re going to be obsessed with ice cream when you get here. Sorry about that. It’s the only thing I ever really want on a consistent basis. Other than that, we just eat the things I like which I’m hoping will give you a really broad palette. A broad palette that loves vanilla chocolate swirl from TCBY.

A funny thing you’ve done to me is changed how I like drinks. I used to HATE anything with ice in it, especially water. I would typically much rather have water at room temp than iced. Not so, any more. Even when it’s freezing in our house (we turned off the heat a month ago), I still have a huge glass of ice water every where I go. You love ice water!

Your Dad starts a new job on Monday- we’re both very excited and nervous. One of the best parts will be that he will be home most evenings. It’s been over 4 years since we’ve had evenings together- we can’t wait for that time. And knowing you will be here before we blink, we can’t wait to have that family time together.

2 months, baby girl. We can’t wait.



Link Love

Image from Bravetart

Things around the internet that are making me happy right now…

  • You are my wild– 14 photographers who have gotten together to share weekly photos of how they view their children. Stunning
  • Reasons My Son is Crying– this. is. hilarious. My favorites include “I broke this piece of cheese.” and “I wouldn’t him drown in this pond.”
  • Dinner: A Love Story– I love all of the practical pieces for eating well with a busy family. This is something I worry about, it’s encouraging to see someone who is doing it well!
  • Bravetart– everything I love about beautiful food, all in dessert form.