Dear Charlotte (week 29)

29 weeks, kicky girl! That means we have 10 weeks and 6 days until you’re due… less if you come early (please don’t come late). I can’t even wait!

Our life seems to be in a flurry getting ready for you to get here. We spent the weekend picking out paint colors for your room, registering for my baby showers and doing all of the yard work we can before you get here in hopes that we will be able to let it go a little once you arrive.

We finally settled on a color scheme for your room- pale yellow and grey. My hope is that it will be a calm and inviting place we will all enjoy spending time in. I’m pretty sure I’ve put more thought into your little room than any space I’ve ever been in before! One of the really sweet things is how excited the whole family is to be a part of this- your Grandi got us a ceiling light I wanted even though it meant going to IKEA (both the best and worst thing to have to do), the whole family has bought a ton of furniture and necessities and your great-grandparents are coming this weekend to help Dad and I paint! It’s coming together, I’m so excited! My hope is to have your space mostly done and put together by the end of this month- just in case you decide to be like your Mama and make an early appearance.

You kick me all of the time these days. I mean, ALL of the time. One of the things my doctor has me do is take a few minutes every day to count your kicks. I’m supposed to count 10 movements within 2 hours and call them if you don’t do that many. Sweetheart, you only need 5 minutes or less every time. In fact, the other day you were kicking so hard it looked like my belly was having a dance party. I love every one, they are so sweet and remind me you are there waiting to come out and be loved. Well, I love every one except for the bladder ones. If you could stop that, I’d appreciate it. ;)

We love you so much already and can’t wait to meet you. In some ways, it feels a little like missing you- I want to meet you so bad, I already miss you and wish we were together. This feeling reminds me of one of my favorite songs:

“Why are you so far from me?
In my arms is where you are to be
How long will you make me wait?
I don’t know how much more I can take
I missed you but I haven’t met you
Oh but I want to
How I do”

(To Whom It May Concern, The Civil Wars.)

I know it’s about lost love but in so many ways, it’s about me and you. Waiting to meet you. Waiting to hold you and love you. Missing you even though I haven’t met you. Loving you before you’re here and waiting patiently until we’re together.

“Dear whoever you might be, I’m still waiting patiently…”

All of my love,



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