Dear Charlotte (week 30)

Week 30. We’re getting so close to you being here! I’m slowly reaching that point that so many moms reach- ready for you to be an outside baby I can love and take care of! And not an inside baby that kicks me all night. :)

You are getting big and it’s definitely showing in pretty much every part of my life. I’m waddling as I walk around and recently discovered I can’t reach things on the top shelf in our kitchen. I used to be able to but now you keep me too far away to reach that high!

Your nursery is painted and looks absolutely gorgeous. Now your Dad and I just have to figure out where all of the furniture best fits in your room and start decorating! It’s so fun and surreal to see your room- it makes all of these changes and kicks that I feel every day so much more real. We have a little girl and she is coming soon- this room is proof!

I think you’re going to be obsessed with ice cream when you get here. Sorry about that. It’s the only thing I ever really want on a consistent basis. Other than that, we just eat the things I like which I’m hoping will give you a really broad palette. A broad palette that loves vanilla chocolate swirl from TCBY.

A funny thing you’ve done to me is changed how I like drinks. I used to HATE anything with ice in it, especially water. I would typically much rather have water at room temp than iced. Not so, any more. Even when it’s freezing in our house (we turned off the heat a month ago), I still have a huge glass of ice water every where I go. You love ice water!

Your Dad starts a new job on Monday- we’re both very excited and nervous. One of the best parts will be that he will be home most evenings. It’s been over 4 years since we’ve had evenings together- we can’t wait for that time. And knowing you will be here before we blink, we can’t wait to have that family time together.

2 months, baby girl. We can’t wait.




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