Dear Charlotte (week 32)

Hi, baby girl! 32 weeks and some odd days… that means just 7 weeks and a couple of days (hopefully) until we get to meet you! I know I keep saying this but we really can’t wait.

Your car seat and stroller came last week and we got them all put together. There are two things to know about this: 1) you, our unborn child, officially own the most complicated thing in our house. Your dad and I still aren’t entirely sure how to fold and unfold it with ease. We mostly think that, when it works right, it’s because of magic. 2) I breathed a huge sigh of relief once it was all put together- I’ve been secretly worrying about not having a car seat for you and how was I going to take you home if you came early?! I even had a dream a few weeks ago that you came early and I had to walk home with you. This would never happen but, apparently, it was something I was very concerned about. (I’m a weirdo, I know.)

You are getting bigger every day and, as a result, so am I! I lost sight of my feet last week, all I see now is my belly holding you.

You move around a lot and, for some unknown reason, seem to favor hanging out on the right side of my tummy. Enough, in fact, that it often looks crooked and a couple of my friends have noticed. We all think you’re hilarious with that!

I’m so glad you’re healthy and doing well in there. If you wanted to come a little early, say just after that 36 week mark, I wouldn’t mind at all! :) We’re just ready for you to be here, already!

As always, we love you. And can’t wait to meet you. Single digit weeks, little one!





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