Dear Charlotte (week 34)

Hi there baby girl!

We’re less than 6 weeks away from you coming and I have become, as so many like to say, “great with child.” You are already the biggest focus of our lives- the thing we think and talk about the most, the person we love best in the world and someone we absolutely can’t wait to finally meet. So soon!

Over the last two weeks, we have had two baby showers with different groups of people to celebrate your imminent arrival. What a joy it has been to see how well loved you already are and to be reminded how loved your dad and I are! We have a great community and family- you are going to be one lucky little girl to grow up with these people.

I think you are running out of room inside of me- your kicks have changed from sudden little bumps to something that feels a little slower but much much stronger. You love sitting on my ribs- maybe they are a nice chair, I’m not sure!

Last week, while Marion was here, we got all of your newborn things- clothes and blankies and diapers- washed, unpacked, put away and ready to go for you. While we hope you stay in for a few more weeks, you could come any day and we would be ready! That is such a relief to me. While we have a lot to do for you still, we’re ready enough.

Your dad and I have started classes getting ready for you- a birthing class on Tuesday nights for the month of May and we have one baby care class next Monday. I have to confess that I’m pretty nervous about the birthing thing and am basically holding onto the belief that women live through this all of the time and when we get to it, my deep want to see you will overwhelm some of my much less important fears. Your dad, on the other hand, seems to be getting more excited after every class we go to. Just last night, as we were getting in bed and he was wishing you ‘good night, baby girl! sleep well! i love you!’ he paused in the middle to tell me ‘I’m so excited for her to get here. I can’t wait to hold my baby girl.’

As always, sweetheart, you are loved and adored. Before you even know the world exists, we love you.





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