Dear Charlotte, (week 36)

Hi baby girl! 36 weeks and two days. 27 days to our due date. We are getting so close and anxious! I see my doctor every week in hopes that you’re doing something to show that you might be on your way soon. It seems like you’re currently happy in your cramped home in my belly which is just fine for now. Just don’t stay too long!

Daddy and I are finishing last things in your room- hanging pictures and arranging stuffed animals. Silly little things that won’t matter to you at all but are so much fun for us! It has been pure joy creating space for you in our house. I’m hormonal and weepy and end up crying almost every time I go in there as I think about how we are creating space in our life for you like this- getting everything as ready as we can. We’re already so in love with you, every feeling is full of missing you before we’ve met you more than anything else.

My body is starting to feel like a gigantic thing that belongs more to you than to me- you make my stomach roll when you kick and move, you love pushing your little butt up against my side so it gets as hard as a rock and you get so annoyed if we put pressure on you in any way, it ends in a series of hilarious kicks which, half of the time, digress to hiccups. You’ve been practicing breathing this way for weeks but, just in the last few days, my whole belly has started bouncing slightly with your hiccups. It is so hilarious to watch and feel!

Nearly every day, your sweet daddy holds my belly and looks a little awestruck while he says something about how exciting it is that we’re going to have a little girl to love soon! Counting down the days and weeks is getting surreal and thrilling… you could come any time and we can’t wait.

Like the song I love says

How long will you make me wait?
I don’t know how much more I can take
I missed you but I haven’t met you
Oh but I want to
How I do




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