Dear Charlotte, (week 38)

Hi baby girl! 38 weeks! It’s so surreal to be at the end of this long journey growing you inside my body. In fact, it’s surreal enough that every time I try to type 38 weeks, I inevitably type 28. Not that I’d like to back track to there… I’m too excited for that!

We are, at 38 weeks, continuing to grow although I’m not sure how much more space my body has for you and I to both occupy it. Last week, you “dropped” which has put my belly even more front and center and given me a distinctive ‘great with child’ gait as I try to get things done around work at home. Everywhere I go, everyone wants to know allll about you. It’s incredibly sweet how many people are so excited for you to come!

Your nursery is officially done and just waiting for you to come enjoy it! I’m so excited about how everything turned out, I really love the space we’ve made for you and hope you will too! Your sweet dad got my car all spic and span ready for you to come so this weekend we can put your seat in.

At this point, we’re just waiting on you, little girl. Anxiously waiting to see your little face, whose nose you have, what color your hair is, what your sweet little hands look like. Anxious to hold you and kiss you. To rock you and love you. To find out who we are as a family with you. I can’t even wrap my head around the reality of you. You, our baby and us, your parents. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I wake up full of anxiety and wonder- how did God possibly love us enough to give us a you so easily? And is He maybe crazy? What if we aren’t enough? I hope we are. But, in those quiet and dark hours, there you are kicking me like a wild thing while Quincy tries to sleep on top of you. Those kicks are so comforting. Like you’re trying to communicate with me from in there, loving us and wondering just as much about us as we wonder about you.

Any day now, little one. We can’t wait to meet you.





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