Dear Charlotte,

Sweet girl, you are finally here! You became our beautiful outside baby just 9 days ago, on June 18th, and we could not be happier.

You, my love, are everything we could have hoped for and so very much more. You are beautiful and so sweet and so very feisty. You have a ton of personality and have since your first minutes in this world.

On Tuesday, June 18, I had a doctor appointment where I was hoping they would do something to help me progress a little- I had been having contractions since the Saturday before and was sooo ready to not be pregnant any more and to finally hold you. Then, in a surprise twist, we discovered that you were breech. What we had thought was your head for the last weeks turned out to be your tiny little rear. You were folded in half with your head and feet at the top of my belly- not conducive with making an escape, little one! The only answer was for me to have a c-section and, because I was beginning to progress, we had to do it that day. It was such a whirlwind of overwhelming emotions and practical things that all needed to happen at once! Luckily for me, your sweet daddy was right there with me. I would have been a complete wreck without him but, there he was. Holding my hand and being so excited to meet you.

By 5:30 that evening, I was in the OR, your dad at my side and getting ready to see your sweet little face! You were born at 5:32 with your sweet little body folded in half and your cute feet by your head. Screaming at the top of your lungs and letting us all know that you hand arrived. I have never known such joy. There I was, laying on an operating table, weeping and unable to wipe my eyes- my little girl was here!

Our first days together were in the hospital and were full of family and friends loving us and getting a lot of care from the nurses on the maternity ward. I am so so grateful for those women, they made our first days together wonderful and helped us figure out everything we could as quickly as we could.

We came home with you on Friday and each day since then has been bliss. I was worried about being tired, about learning this new routine, about so many things. But, oh, sweet girl, they don’t matter at all. I love our time together at night- when it’s just you and me, snuggling while you eat. I love the time where we cuddle in bed with your daddy before we put you in your bassinet and try to get some sleep before the next time you need to eat. I love how you are awake a little more each day. How you perk up at the sound of my voice and snuggle into my chest when you’re full and sleepy.

Oh how we love you. There are no words. Like your daddy says, we NEED you. You are everything to us and we are so in love with you. To the moon and back, baby girl.





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