Dear Charlotte,

You’re four weeks old today, sweet girl!

Every single day, something is new with you. You’re growing so quickly that I sometimes feel like I can see it happen before my eyes.

Four weeks in our family and you already have a slew of nicknames- sweet pea, pea, little lambie girl, lambie and, on some days, pillzilla. Sweet pea/pea because that is what you are- sweet and tiny and adorable in every way. Lambie because of your cute little cry- you sound like an adorable bleating lamb and it makes it hard to take you too seriously. Pillzilla- in the last few days, you’ve developed a thing where you only sleep for a half hour at a time and then are just awake. And so, your daddy was calling you a pill one day and it became pillzilla. I loved it.

You’re constantly more awake and aware of the world around you. You absolutely love your daddy’s beard- enough that you try to reach for it when he’s making faces at you. It seems like we are a short time away from seeing your sweet little smile and I just can’t wait. I love it when you’re happy and awake while we cuddle- you are getting better and better at making eye contact and interacting with me!

Your whole family adores you. I often wonder if you know that we love you and if there is any way you could know just how much. I spend most of our time together telling you over and over how loved you are- I hope it is sinking in as a truth you’ll always know. My parents have said, so many times, that if they could raise us knowing we were loved and with a good sense of humor, they knew we would be ok. I hope that for you. That you will know you are loved and that you will know it enough to be willing to try things, knowing that if you succeed or fail, your family loves you. And that you will have a sense of humor and self confidence- that you will be able to laugh at yourself, enjoy the world around you and be okay when things don’t necessarily go the way you might have planned.

You are already stubborn and strong willed, just like your parents. I have to confess, I love that too. Even though I know it’s going to make my life difficult sometimes, I love seeing your little spirit start to come out and it makes me so excited for everything that is to come with you.

We love you more than we could ever say, sweet pea. You are the world to us and every day with you is full of joy and love.

All of my love in the world,



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