Dear Charlotte,

Well, Sweet Pea, you turn 3 months old (and 13 weeks) this week! Every week, I tell myself that I’m going to write you a little note to tell you all about how great you are, how you are growing and the things that have changed in such a short time. But, every week, I get distracted by you- snuggling you,  playing with you or watching you cuddle your daddy. You, my dear girl, are absolutely captivating.

You’re full of smiles these days and the happiest girl in the world. I think we’ve really lucked out- you typically are only upset for something we can define- hungry, tired, need changed. Other than that, you are full of smiles and joy. And, with that, you are in constant motion! Daddy calls you ‘kicky girl’ because you’re always panting like a puppy while you kick and flail your arms. It’s so cute and makes it pretty hard to get a good picture of you!


When you smile, it lights up your whole adorable little face. Your cheeks fill with dimples and you make the happiest sounds I’ve ever heard. I melt every time. I’ve had to start getting up extra early during the work week because I am bound to get distracted by you as I get ready. Making you grin and nomming those delicious cheeks is so much better than doing my hair!

You’re getting good at holding up your head and you seem to like being sat up more and more. When we sit you up, you look so much bigger and older- it gives me a little twinge to think you’ve already moved into the “infant” category and aren’t a newborn any more. I used to always laugh a little when people talked about how fast their kids grew. I thought they were ridiculous- “he’s 18! it’s been 18 years!” Now, though, I understand. These three months with you have flown by in a way I never could explain. While I’m so excited to see all of the things ahead of you, a part of me wants to yell “stop! where did my tiny little newborn go?! slow down, i’m not ready!” And this, my dear, is how people end up having more than one. The Mommy goes crazy missing her little newborn and decides to have another.

We’ve packed up all of your newborn clothes and are slowly putting away the 0-3 months and 3 month things as they get too tight. I remember looking at the 3-6 month clothes when you were born and thinking “no way she will be that big that soon” and yet, here you are! Filling them out and looking so very adorable!!

You’ve recently really grown to love your little activity mat. Your favorite thing on it is the mirror. Baby in the Mirror is absolutely your best friend- you will smile at and love her for as long as we will let you. And your very favorite game is when Daddy or I look at her too. You love having everyone put their heads under the mirror to smile at and spend time with that cute baby. We love it too!

One of the best things in our world is how well loved you are- from family to friends to everyone at daycare. I sometimes think your daycare ladies love you almost as much as Daddy and I do. Most evenings, when we pick you up, you smell like them from being held and loved all day. It’s one of the most wonderful things that I never expected. I had no idea how much I would enjoy watching people love you- it’s even better than being loved myself. I’m so happy to be Charlie’s Mom and don’t mind at all if no one ever knows my name and only know me as that.


Your daddy and I love you, little one. You are our very favorite.




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