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Link Love

Happy Friday, friends. While Tim and I look forward to weekend and hope that each day might be the day that this baby decides to be an outside baby, I’m also dreaming of all things summer. Rainier cherries, lemon ricotta muffins, peonies on my table… And, of course, things around the internet that I love right now:

Have a great weekend! xoxo


PBS Love

I’m in love with every remix PBS does. Especially if it’s Mr. Rogers or Julia Childs. As such, today is a banner day.



I love the piece about discovering the truth about ourselves.


Beautiful Abandoned Places

Kolmanskop, Namib Desert


Gorgeous, no? See more here.

Link Love

Harissa Eggs in Purgatory from Skinnytaste

Oh, how I love weekend. With baby girl’s arrival getting closer, I’m working hard on getting the house settled. I have these nightmares that she comes super early and I’m unprepared (this, by the way, is my constant nightmare- not having a plan or the plan I have falling apart because people didn’t listen. That says a lot about my personality…). So, to combat the nightmares, I’m going to put together the things I would need for her arrival- wash the onesies, start thinking about our hospital bag, etc. Yes, it’s 8 weeks early. I’ll just feel a lot better. :) Have a great weekend everyone! Links I’ve loved this week….


Link Love

Image from Bravetart

Things around the internet that are making me happy right now…

  • You are my wild– 14 photographers who have gotten together to share weekly photos of how they view their children. Stunning
  • Reasons My Son is Crying– this. is. hilarious. My favorites include “I broke this piece of cheese.” and “I wouldn’t him drown in this pond.”
  • Dinner: A Love Story– I love all of the practical pieces for eating well with a busy family. This is something I worry about, it’s encouraging to see someone who is doing it well!
  • Bravetart– everything I love about beautiful food, all in dessert form.