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How I love Julia


Beautiful Abandoned Places

Kolmanskop, Namib Desert


Gorgeous, no? See more here.

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I saw this on Tumblr today and absolutely loved it. It both struck my funny bone and is the actual scariest possible horror story. Or maybe a beginning to a really amazing spiritual story…. Either way, I loved it.

Looking forward to weekend- time with one of my sisters, some rest and house cleaning and, best of all, the first of Charlotte’s baby showers! I am SO excited. If we’re at shower time, she has to be getting close!

Things around the internet that I’ve loved this week:

Have a great weekend!



This has been all over the internet today- I’m sure everyone has seen it already but I just had to share, I love it so.

One of my greatest hopes in having a little girl is that I can raise her knowing how much more beauty is than what we women tell ourselves. That I can be careful to tell her about herself in ways that aren’t just about being cute/pretty (but isn’t that so hard with little girls?! they’re always so adorable and just begging to be told!). That I can talk to her about the things that make her beautiful as a whole- about her mind and her heart and just a tiny bit about how cute she is in that outfit.

We were talking the other night about the things we give kids compliments on and how that effects them. My parents did a really brilliant job, I think. I feel like I grew up with a strong sense of self and a healthy self esteem- they praised my accomplishments and attempts, allowed me to feel failure when I didn’t succeed and made sure to also speak to me about who I was at my core in the ways that can’t be changed. I love them for that. I hope I can do the same!

I love Dove for doing these campaigns. I’m always struck by how little we think of ourselves, especially when each person is beautiful in our own right. And especially as people who are created in the image of a God who is much bigger than us. Beauty is diverse and natural and so much more than a chin or nose.

<3 this.

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Image from Bravetart

Things around the internet that are making me happy right now…

  • You are my wild– 14 photographers who have gotten together to share weekly photos of how they view their children. Stunning
  • Reasons My Son is Crying– this. is. hilarious. My favorites include “I broke this piece of cheese.” and “I wouldn’t him drown in this pond.”
  • Dinner: A Love Story– I love all of the practical pieces for eating well with a busy family. This is something I worry about, it’s encouraging to see someone who is doing it well!
  • Bravetart– everything I love about beautiful food, all in dessert form.

Beautiful. Fascinating. Moving.

This video is incredible. This artist, Marina Abramovic, did a performance piece at the Museum of Modern Art where she sat in a chair and, one by one, visitors would come sit in front of her and she would look them in the eyes. At one point (I think roughly 1:15 in) a man she had once been in love with sat across from her- the exchange is absolutely stunning and tear inducing.

Love… what a powerful thing.

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I like…

  • Wedges. I’m so in love with wedges and dreaming of summer.
  • Planning for baby girl’s nursery. We’ve picked fabrics! Next up, paint…